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Meet Kayla

Back in 2013 I started extreme couponing (yup, just like those people on TV) and I was getting things for free left and right. There was one night I got 70 bottles of shampoo for $8. I'm not going to lie, it went from "I need to save money" to "Let's see how much stuff I can get for free for the hell of it" real fast.

But then I got bored. I didn't need more shampoo... or laundry detergent... or paper towels. I wanted something more fun.

That's when I thought, what if you could travel for free? So I started researching. Turns out it's possible to travel cheap and sometimes even free, but it's not for those without patience. That's why Buy the Plane Ticket was born. I've got A LOT of patience and I'm ready to share it with all of you.

I designed this website for two reasons: to keep track of everywhere I've went and to help share the best travel deals & tips on the internet.

Sitting in your house every day for the rest of your life is boring and I do NOT promote boredom. So, grab your passport and get ready to Buy the Plane Ticket.

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