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Cheap Things to Do in New York City

New York is known for being crazy expensive. People will rent out a room for $900 a month while sharing their kitchen and living room with 4 other people – who are also paying $900 for each of their rooms in the same apartment. That, to me, is CRAZY TALK. Where I come from it’s normal to have a 2-3 bedroom apartment to yourself for $500-$600 (did i mention we also get a yard to go with that?).

The rent may suck but the good news is that everyone spends so much money on rent that they don’t have money for anything else. Which means they have to make pretty cheap activities to do around the city for anyone to be able to afford them. It never leaves me bored when I go visit my best friend right in the city!

Visit the Brooklyn Bridge. Sounds pretty basic, right? But there’s a reason why it’s such a touristy place to go. First off – it’s free – and second off it’s architecture is absolutely amazing.When I say the architecture I’m not just talking about the bridge, I’m also talking about the view that comes along with it. My favorite selfies with the skyline came from my walk on the bridge. But fair warning – stay out of the bike zone! Riding bikes along the bridge is just as popular as walking it but trust me, they won’t stop for pedestrians.

Visit the Oculus. In 2016 the World Trade Center Transportation Hub opened and the Oculus was the main view point of the entire thing. Its crazy architecture makes it where you can’t walk past it without noticing it. It’s definitely one of a kind. (I personally think it looks like a pokemon – once you see it you’ll never un-see it.)

See the 9/11 memorial. The 9/11 memorial is the perfect thing to do right after being amazed by the oculus’ structural beauty because it’s right across the street and it’s free! Before going to see this, I saw pictures on google and let me tell you the pictures do NOT do it justice. This monument is HUGE! They put a lot of work into making this as breathtaking as it is to show respect for the losses our country took. So be sure to take a moment of silence beside this amazing memorial and remember how lucky you are to be alive traveling this world today!

Check out the museum of sex. Well… if you’re of age of course. There is a fee to get in (about $20) but I promise it will be one of the craziest museums you’ll ever visit without breaking the bank. If you’re lucky, they’ll have the boob bounce house open! Sadly the bounce house was closed when I went to visit, so if you get to experience it be sure to let me know if it is the coolest bounce house ever in the comments below!

Go chill out at the High Line. Visiting New York can be excessively hectic, so being able to just sit down and relax is wonderful. The High Line makes you feel one with nature while being in the city because it’s a roof top filled with plants. The best thing to do there is grab some earbuds and lay down in the grass while watching the clouds. And the fact that it’s free can let your wallet relax a bit too!

Stop by Little Italy. Because everyone loves pizza, right? Around every corner of Little Italy you’ll find yourself a slice of heaven.look around at the cute neighborhood and so you can fill up on some good pizza. I stopped by the Mulberry Street Bar and
ordered one of their Mulberry Street Beers with my pizza, I highly recommend it!

People watch at Times Square. Let me guess, you thought the Museum of Sex seemed humorous, right? If you did, then you’re in for a treat because Times Square is something else. Sometimes you’ll find people completely naked or possibly even dressed up in costumes you didn’t even know existed (heck, it might be a great place to decide on your next halloween attire). My favorite people to watch though are the performers. Street performers are basically free entertainment! Last time I was in Times Square I got to watch three men take 10 people from the auidence, stand them in a line, then jump over all of them at once. It’s amazing to me what types of talents people have that you would never think of.

End your day watching the glorious sunset. The most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen to date was in New York City (in the picture shown) and that’s when a little bit of my heart never left the city. But then again… I might have a thing for cotton candy says behind a skyline. If you’re lucky you’ll see a dog wearing a ninja turtle outfit like I did (look carefully, you’ll see him). Best of all, the cost of a beautiful sunset is priceless.

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