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Frontier Deals – Today Only!

Frontier has deals all the time but their deals typically only last 24 hours. Well today, Frontier is having some deals that are pretty hard to pass up on if you have the available schedule to travel! Most of their deals are during the middle of the week because that’s when less people tend to travel, so they try to book as many tickets as they can when having their sales.


Also, when booking, don’t forget about frontier’s baggage policy. Check out my post here to see their baggage fees because sometimes Frontier’s bag prices can be a pain in the ass, so you want to make sure you’re not letting them steal any of your money before booking with them. Remember: Fly smart, not hard.


Below are some deals I found today. I picked random dates, but you can look on Frontier’s website to see if you can find deals on the dates you have available! You must book by the end of the day 9/20/17. Check to see if there’s any deals near you to get you out of town for a bit:


Austin, TX to New Orleans, LA: 10/10-10/17 for $69 roundtrip!

Denver, CO to Las Vegas, NV: 9/27-10/04 for $67 roundtrip!

Houston, TX to Cincinnati, OH: 9/27-10/4 for $64 roundtrip!

Las Vegas, NV to Pittsburg, PA: 9/27-9/30 for $88 roundtrip!

Long Island, NY to Miami, FL: 10/09-10/14 for $39 roundtrip!

Miami, FL to Providence, RI: 11/02-11/06 for $39 roundtrip!

Miami, FL to Long Island, NY: 10/05-10/09 for $39 roundtrip!

Orlando, FL to Pittsburg, PA: 10/04-10/08 for $77 roundtrip!

Orlando, FL to St. Louis, MO: 10/05-10/10 for $67 roundtrip!

Phoenix, AR to San Antonio, TX: 11/30-12/03 for $85 roundtrip!

Pittsburg, PA to Las Vegas, NV: 9/29-10/4 for $88 roundtrip!

Pittsburg, PA to Orlando, FL: 9/27-9/29 for $77 roundtrip!

Providence, RI to  Tampa, FL: 10/08-10/12 for $39 roundtrip!

Raleigh, NC to Cincinnati, OH: 4/11-4/18 for $57 roundtrip!

San Antonio, TX to Phoenix, AR: 11/30-12/03 for $85 roundtrip!

St. Louis, MO to Orlando, FL: 10/17-10/24 for $67 roundtrip!

Tampa, FL to Providence, RI: 10/12-10/15 for $39 roundtrip!


….and many more! Be sure to check out their website (click here to be directed to it) for more trip scenarios. PLUS: if you are a discount den member, these prices will be even lower for you!

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