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Visit Busch Stadium for $10

St. Louis is the area I grew up in so I might be a little bias when saying this but – you can’t go to St. Louis without visiting Busch Stadium!

The beautiful thing about Busch Stadium is that every seat has a beautiful view. The arch can be seen from half the city and the other half can see skyscrapers throughout the city in the background. Also, if you’re lucky, they’ll mow the Arch into the grass before the game, making the view even more unique.


The only thing better than the view is the price. I definitely recommend using StubHub to get your tickets because their prices can get ridicously cheap for GREAT seats! I’ve paid $10 for the lower level seats multiple times and never had a problem with my tickets. I haven’t sat in the nosebleed seats since finding this out – except games where the Cardinals played the Cubs (those tickets can be expensive for all seats).

But wait… what about parking?

Tourists will typically pay up to $20 just to park for the game but there are multiple options to keep you from pulling out your wallet. Check these out:

The Redbird Express: 

If you are staying outside of the city near Fairview Heights, IL, the best transportation to take is the Redbird Express. You park your car in the parking lot of the Fairview Heights Mall near the water tower (totally safe and free) and the buses will pick you up. It only costs $5 roundtrip. They will drive you right up to the stadium and then once the game is over just make sure you hop on one of many buses within 30 minutes after the game ends to get a ride back to your car. They’ll even drive you back to your car if something happens and you need to leave early! Much better than $20.

Bar Shuttles:

Don’t want to pay $5 for the Redbird Express? No problem. There are multiple FREE shuttles that drive throughout the whole game dropping people off. Most being bars around the St. Louis area. All you need to do is drive to the bar and find the shuttles sitting outside. They typically all drop you off in the same location so make sure you grab the right bus on your way back so you don’t get sent back to the wrong bar!

Here’s the great list of free bar shuttles:

Big Daddy’s Soulard (1000 Sidney Street)

Social House (1551 S. 7th Street)

Molly’s (816 Geyer Ave.)

Casino Queen (200 S. Front Street, East St. Louis)

Llewelyn’s Pub (1732 9th Street)

Great Grizzly Bear (1027 Geyer Avenue)

Joanie’s (2101 Menard Street)

Southtown Pub (3707 S. Kingshighway)

1860’s Saloon (1860 S. 9th Street)

Hammerstone’s (2028 S. 9th Street)

Trueman’s (1818 Sidney Street)

Johnny’s Restaurant & Bar (1017 Russell Boulevard)


And while you’re at Busch Stadium, be sure to stop by the Family Center to grab a picture with the Yadier Molina bobblehead while it’s still up!


me next to the Yadier Molina bobblehead at Busch Stadium

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