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Switch to Sprint and Get 30,000 AAdvantage Points Plus Up to $1750



Recently my iPhone went out so I had to get a new one. I was originally through Straight Talk (a prepaid phone service for those who aren’t familiar) which meant if I wanted a new phone I had to pay the full price. With iPhones getting up to $1200 now, there was NO WAY you were going to see me drop that much all at once. So I started looking around at different phone companies and I’m glad I did.

Turns out, Sprint is currently having an offer were you can get 30,000 AAdvantage airline points AND up to $1750.




The AAdvantage points is the easiest process. Just go up to Sprint, open a new line and then click on this link here and enter your AAdvantage number. Once you do that and press “Go,” it will take you to a page where you type in your name, email and the Sprint number you now have on your new account. Fill all that out, then submit it and you’re good to go! It will take up to 8 to 10 weeks to see your points in your account.

NOTE: You MUST submit your information within 30 days of opening your account or the offer will no longer be valid!
ALSO NOTE: This offer is limited time only!


Okay…. so what about the money?


You get the money in two different ways.


The first way to get money: Credit Union.
For every new line you open, Credit Union will give you $100 for a maximum of 15 lines. That’s a potential $1500. Realistically, no one typically buys 15 lines at once. But many families share a line. So… add mom, dad, your brother and sister to the line and add those $100 bills up.

All you have to do is open up new phone lines through Sprint, go open up a Credit Union account (if you don’t already have one – this costs about $10 to open but it’s worth it) and then click on this link here to register for your money to be put into your account! Super easy.

NOTE: It can take multiple weeks to show up in your account. You will receive an email with an estimated time once you register your phone numbers with Credit Union.


The second way to get money: Referrals.
Whenever you go to the store to open a new line, be sure to click on this link here to access a referral link. This will allow you to receive $50 on a prepaid visa gift card for every phone line you open – up to $250. So open up a new line for you, mom, dad, etc. and you’ll keep racking up the rewards!


Extra: Sprint has been having multiple offers lately where you can get free phones when opening new lines. Meaning you can open up multiple new lines all under your name to rack up all these rewards mentioned above. For example, I got 5 phones for $90 a month and 4 of the phones were free (all with unlimited talk, text data and 10 gigs of hotspot)! That allowed me to register for the AAdvantage points, $500 from Credit Union and $250 from the referral credits. On top of that, I can rent out those extra 4 phones to help pay for that $90/month fee. Pretty sweet deal. The thing is, I’m not sure when this offer ends… so check it out ASAP if you’re interested in it!

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