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WOW Air: How to Get Two Flights for the Price of One



WOW Air is one of the few airlines that actually advertise their layover deals. Layover deals are the absolute best because they are able to provide you with two flights for the price of one!


WOW Airline has their flight’s search engine set up to make it completely easy for you to add a layover in Iceland to your trip. All you have to do is click the layover button, type in where you’re leaving from, where you’re headed and what days. It will automatically add a layover in Reykjavik for you!


Here’s a detailed instruction with pictures:



Go to WOW Airlines home page.



Make sure you have “STOPOVER” selected in the search engine.

WOW Air Stopover Layover Travel Deal



Pick where you’re leaving from and where you want your final destination to be.

WOW Air Stopover Layover Travel Deal



Add in the days you want to leave your first airport, Iceland’s airport and your final destination’s airport.

Wow Air Stopover Layover Travel Deal




WOW Air Stopover Layover Travel Deal



Once you press search flights, it will show three different prices for the three different flights. Depending on the days you selected, the three flights put together could be a bit pricey. If you only have specific days available, you will have to stick with what prices are given. The key to getting the best deals is browsing through the weeks (using the arrows on either side) to find deals on each flight that correspond with each other. Doing this, it’s possible to go from the US to Iceland to Europe and back to the US for less than $400!

WOW Air Stopover Layover Travel Deals



Good luck finding deals and remember to check here for luggage prices to make sure you know what to expect to pay when bringing baggage along on your trip!



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