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Hot Deal: How to Fly to 8 Countries from the US for only $490 in 2018



Recently the internet has been full of deals to Europe from different cities in the US – but those deals only involve visiting one country. I’ve been able to round up a much bigger deal – flights from Boston to 8 different countries and back for under $500!


The deal includes flights to the following countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary and France.


Note: This deal involves specific dates to specific countries. 


Here’s the details:

Start off in Boston. These dates are for 2018.


March 7: Boston to London for $140 through Norwegian airlines.

March 12: London to Frankfurt for $20 through Ryanair.

March 15: Frankfurt to Madrid for $26 through Ryanair.

March 21: Madrid to Milan for $23 through Ryanair.

March 24: Milan to City of Brussels for $18 through Ryanair.

March 27: City of Brussels to Copenhagen for $20 through Ryanair.

March 31: Copenhagen to Budapest for $33 through Ryanair.

April 5: Budapest to Berlin for $27 through Wizz air.

April 9: Berlin to Paris for $45 through Easy Jet.

April 13: Paris back to Boston for $138 through WOW air.


Each flight needs to be bought separately but if you add all these up you’ll get a grand total of $490 for all the flights. Just find some cheap accommodations and you’ll be looking at the ultimate Europe trip for 2018!


Also remember: These don’t include baggage fees. Be sure to click here to check luggage prices to make sure you aren’t paying way more than you planned. Each flight booked will need to add luggage fees. The best deal is to fly with a backpack or carry on to avoid crazy expensive fees!


Check these out for accommodation options:


Book early and save up to 15%.


These dates allow you to have a few days in each country to explore and learn about the beautiful cities and culture!


Don’t like these dates? Check out skyscanner (below) to check to see if your dates are available to work with this deal. It’s not guaranteed, but airfare changes daily so you never know what type of deals you can find!


Reminder: These deals are active at the time of posting. At anytime they can no longer be available so be sure to grab the deals while you can. 



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