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Tokyo Travel Deal

Flights From Los Angeles to Tokyo for $443 ROUNDTRIP!


The prices for tickets out of LA to Tokyo are AWESOMELY low right now. The price is starting out at only $443 ROUNDTRIP to get to Japan! This price is through multiple airlines including Delta and United with dates from January to June. That gives a wide variety of dates to choose from.


Here are some flight examples:

Los Angeles to Tokyo: January 18-24 for $433 roundtrip through Delta or United!

Los Angeles to Tokyo: February 6-15 for $433 roundtrip through Delta!

Los Angeles to Tokyo: March 19-26 for $433 roundtrip through Delta!

Los Angeles to Tokyo: April 17-23 for $433 roundtrip through United or American Airlines!

Los Angeles to Tokyo: May 14-21 for $433 roundtrip through United!

Los Angeles to Tokyo: June 5-12 for $433 roundtrip through United!



If these dates work for you, go ahead and book your tickets through the airlines provided next to each date example. If not, don’t worry because these aren’t all the dates available for these deals. There are actually a TON of different dates to choose from for this deal. Compare prices on flights with Skyscanner to see if there are other dates that work for you!


Remember: These prices don’t include baggage fees. So be sure to click here to check luggage prices to be sure you aren’t spending more than planned!


Also Remember: These deals are active at the time of posting. If you are reading at a later time, these deals could be over! If they aren’t over, be sure to book as soon as you can because we never know when these deals might end.


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