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Flash Fare! JetBlue Tickets Starting at $15


JetBlue is having a flash sale! This sale includes tickets starting at only $15 one-way!


JetBlue flash sales usually only last a day, so be sure to grab it while you can!


The deal includes the following routes:

Washington D.C. to Boston for $15 one-way through JetBlue.

Boston to New York for $20 one-way through JetBlue.

Long Beach to Las Vegas for $20 one-way through JetBlue.

Pittsburgh to Boston for $20 one-way through JetBlue.

And more!


These deals are only available for select dates.


Click here to see the dates available along with the rest of the deals.


Remember: These prices don’t include baggage fees. So be sure to click here to check luggage prices to be sure you aren’t spending more than planned!


Also Remember: These deals are active at the time of posting. If you are reading at a later time, these deals could be over! If they aren’t over, be sure to book as soon as you can because we never know when these deals might end.


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