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Sunsets of 2017


Sunsets of 2017


I’m ending off 2017 with a bang! I got together with over 30 amazing photographers and Instagrammers (including some of my favorites like: @backofbeyondd, @iamprojectnw, @wheregoesrose, @egyptiantraveler, @thehungryasiangal, @indian.backpacker and more!) to collect some awesome sunset pictures that were taken throughout the year of 2017.


There’s four things I absolutely love about the sunset:

One, it’s EVERYWHERE. The sun literally connects people and shows them that the world isn’t as big as they may think it is. People in America see it. People in China see it. People in Africa see it. You get the point. And it doesn’t matter if you’re on the ground or on a plane – hell, you can even see it from space! So, no matter where you go on Earth, you know you always have something to look forward to.

Two, it’s NEVER the same. You could sit in the same spot for the rest of your life and take pictures every single night, but I guarantee that no two pictures will be identical. Plus, it’s almost like each town has their own shade of each color when it comes to the sky. It was just a month ago I was pulled off to the side of the road walking in circles trying to get a good look at every inch of sky in Marfa, Texas. It had to have had every color of the rainbow covering the upper atmosphere of that town. While, at the same time, back home might just be every shade of orange and yellow lighting up the sky. I don’t know the science behind it, but I don’t need to. I’ll just sit back and fall in love with the sky over and over again every night.

Three, it’s FREE (what, you thought I was going to leave this out?). The reason this website exists is because years ago I decided I was done paying for things. I started extreme couponing and I got food, clothes and other random household items for free (yup, just like those people on TV). Then I bumped up the game and decided I was going to try traveling for free. Have I got there yet? Nope… but I’m pretty damn close. I can go to plenty of cities for only $60 if I wanted to (including airfare, accommodation, etc.). But in order to have fun in a city without making my bank account cry, it involves a lot of research on what each city has to offer. One thing I never have to worry about researching though is the sunset – I know I can always find it there without needing a dime. The hard part is just figuring out where to watch it!

Four, it’s beautiful ALL year round. Which is what I really wanted to focus on with this post. People are so keen on traveling at “certain times of the year.” But why? The entire world is beautiful during every season. Especially the sun. Most people might think the sun would be duller in color during the colder months – but it’s not true. Some of my favorite pictures from this thread are actually toward the bottom in the November-December months. Every month is a good month when it comes to the sky. If you don’t realize that after seeing all these pictures, then….. you might be crazy (just sayin’).


“Spring, summer, winter, fall – I want to travel during them all!”

(Can someone turn this quote into a keychain? Please?)


But on a real note – Enjoy these beautiful pictures of just a few of the sunsets that happened during the year of 2017! Each picture was taken by a different traveler, so if you’re needing some travel inspiration for 2018, be sure to check out their Instagrams (listed under each picture) for plenty of ideas. And be sure to comment below to let us know which sunset is your favorite (even though I know you’re gonna fall in love with them all)!



Mandrem Beach, Goa, India Sunset

Taken By: Mohit Agarwal (@jauntingjourneys)

Location: Mandrem Beach, Goa, India



Koh Mak Thailand Sunset

Taken By: Trevor Davis (@grabbinglifebytheballs)

Location: Koh Mak, Thailand


Forster, NSW, Australia Sunset

Taken By: Mikayla (@mikaylajanetravels)

Location: Forster, NSW, Australia



Taken By: Kyaw Zin @Jason (@emeraldgardentravelmyanmar)

Location: Bagan, Myanmar



Phoenix Arizona Sunset

Taken By: Kaylin King (@kaylinking)

Location: Phoenix, Arizona


East Shore, Kauai Sunset

Taken By: The Rage to Live (@theragetolive)

Location: East Shore, Kauai


Lisbon, Portugal Sunset

Taken By: Nicole Barrett (@nicolesbarrett)

Location: Lisbon, Portugal



Bribrie Island, Australia Sunset

Taken By: Jamie (@abroad365)

Location: Bribrie Island, Australia


Netherlands Sunset

Taken by: The Hungry Asian Gal (@thehungryasiangal)

Location: Netherlands



Himachal Pradesh India Sunset

Taken by: Manu Khandelwal (@indian.backpacker)

Location: Himachal Pradesh, India



New York City Sunset Travel

Taken by: Meghan Uno (@meghanuno)

Location: New York City (Above JFK)


Talipanan, Puerto Galera, Philippines Sunset

Taken By: Joane Pangilinan (@joanepong)

Location: Talipanan, Puerto Galera, Philippines


Cape Sounio, temple of Poseidon, Greece

Taken By: Monica Badiu (@iamrestless.travel)

Location: Cape Sounio, Temple of Poseidon, near Athens, Greece


Tip of Borneo, Malaysia

Taken By: Randomtrip (@randomtrip.es)

Location: Tip of Borneo, Malaysia


Darwin Australia Sunset

Taken By: Shane (@didgeridoofusion)

Location: Darwin, Australia



Sunset Travel Blog

Taken by: Tyler Shoemate (@findingshoe)

Location: Florence Italy



Lysefjord, Norway

Taken By: Koren Sullivan (@ke_sully)

Location: Lysefjord, Norway


India Sunset

Taken By: Rose (@wheregoesrose)

Location: India



Siauliai Lithuania Sunset

Taken By: 2feetoutthedoor (@2feetoutthedoor)

Location: Siauliai, Lithuania



Giza Pyramids, Egypt Sunset

Taken By: Linda Dillenbeck (@wanderlustofdill)

Location: Giza Pyramids, Egypt


Los Angeles California Sunset

Taken By: Ione Gonzales (@_lala_lais_)

Location: Los Angeles, California



Taken By: Jinpa Smith (@jinpasmith)

Location: Uskudar



Arpoador, Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro Sunset

Taken By: Margherita Sgorbissa (@outsidelivingtravel)

Location: Arpoador, Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro


Malaysia Sunset

Taken By: Noortje Wijckmans (@iamprojectnw)

Location: Flying over Malaysia


Italy Sunset

Taken by: Nauman Shahid Khan (@nauman.khan_)

Location: Oradea, Romania


Cabongaoan Beach Burgos Pangasinan Philippines Sunset

Taken by: Shaira Castro (@girltrendshai)

Location: Cabongaoan Beach, Burgos, Pangasinan, Philippines


Mukteshwar town Uttarakhand India Sunset

Taken By: Suruchi & Tashi (@suruchimittal)

Location: Mukteshwar town, Uttarakhand, India


Bali, Indonesia Sunset

Taken By: Serena (@backofbeyondd)

Location: Bali, Indonesia


Marfa Sunset Texas Travel

Taken By: Buy the Plane Ticket (@buytheplaneticket)

Location: Marfa, Texas

You might also like reading: Visting Marfa, Texas: How I Spent a Day There



El Tunco Sunset

Taken by: Denny (@lazyroadtrips)

Location: El Tunco, El Salvador


Phi Phi island, Thailand Sunset

Taken by: Emam (@egyptiantraveler)

Location: Phi Phi Island, Thailand


Pushkar India Sunset

Taken By: Ambica Gulati (@ambicagulati)

Location: Pushkar, India (at the Shree Cement The Sacred Pushkar 2017 Festival)


Nepal Sunset

Taken By: Eva Wieners (@2.unterwegs)

Location: Nepal


Verona Italy Sunset

Taken By: Daleya Uddin (@dolceandmasala)

Location: Verona, Italy



Now go out and enjoy the sunset.



Want to be part of the “Sunsets of 2018” post? Feel free to email btpt@buytheplaneticket.com anytime throughout 2018 with your sunset picture and your instagram name stating you’re submitting it for the “Sunsets of 2018” post for a chance to be featured next year. Happy Travels!



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