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Wow Air Travel Deals

Fly to Europe for Less Than $200 ROUNDTRIP!


Europe Deal

Hopefully you aren’t tired of me posting about WOW Airlines every time they have a deal because I’m not stopping anytime soon! The fact they can get people to Europe for so cheap just amazes me. Before, I’ve shared deals where you can go to Europe for $200. But today, it’s even less! Tickets start out at $69 one-way!!


Their deal is only available to anyone who signs up for “MyWOW” which is basically just their newsletter that they send out to your email. All you have to do is give your name and email… then you’re set! It’s 100% free, so why not?


The deal includes the following flights:

San Fransisco to Reykjavik for $69 one-way.

Washington D.C. to Reykjavik for $69 one-way.

Boston to Reykjavik for $69 one-way.

Chicago to Reykjavik for $69 one-way.

Pittsburgh to Reykjavik for $69 one-way.

Washington D.C. to London for $89 one-way.

New York City to Amsterdam for $89 one-way.

Boston to Frankfurt for $89 one-way.



Click here to be directed straight to their website to check out their deals.


Want to get an extra mini vacation for free? Check this out: WOW Air: How to Get Two Flights for the Price of One


Remember: These prices don’t include baggage fees. Be sure to check WOW air’s website to check baggage prices to be sure you aren’t going to pay more than planned!


Also Remember: These deals are active at the time of posting. If you are reading at a later time, these deals could be over! If they aren’t over, be sure to book as soon as you can because we never know when these deals might end.


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