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Leaving Bali Airport: Skip the Taxis to Save Money

Leaving Bali Airport can be a pain in the butt, but don't fret! I've got a guide to show you exactly how to save the next time your plane lands in Bali.

Leaving Bali Airport

Leaving Bali airport can be terrible. The reason for this is because Grab (or Uber – but Grab is typically cheaper) is banned from entering the airport to drop and pick people up. The reason it is banned is so the taxi drivers don’t lose their jobs. If everyone used Grab, it would make the taxi drivers go out of business because Grab is significantly cheaper than taking a taxi.

Plus, taxi drivers are already competing against themselves. You’ll see this as you’re leaving Bali airport. The first thing you’ll see once you start heading out is a bunch of people in blue shirts. These are the taxi drivers. They will follow you around. And when I say they will follow you around, I MEAN IT. Each one of them is trying to win your service over.

Since it was my first time at the Bali airport, I had no idea what to do. I was roaming around trying to find the exit to the airport to save money but I was lost. Being a lost, white, blonde, American woman made it even worse for myself because the taxi drivers knew I needed help. The entire time that I was walking around the airport someone was up my ass. It became so annoying that I finally gave in and took a taxi driver to Ubud.



The difference in prices are kind of crazy. I paid about 300,000 rupiahs for a taxi to Ubud but taking a Grab would have only been about 85,000 rupiahs by bike or 150,000 rupiahs by car. The only reason I paid 300,000 rupiahs to leave Bali airport was because I couldn’t figure out where to go to get a Grab to locate me. Luckily, I am here to show you exactly where to go.

It’s actually a really easy process as long as you know where you’re going around the airport. It’s best to have some sort of map to help you figure out exactly where to go once you get there. I’ll answer a picture of the map below this paragraph in hopes that’ll help you guys out.


Leaving Bali Airport Save Money


You do not want to call a Grab (or Uber) before leaving the airport. Since they are unable to come to the airport that means they’ll start giving you directions on where to go to meet up with them and it gets extremely confusing. It’s better to get out of the airport first and then confirm your ride once you are on a street where it is legal for them to pick you up.


Can’t find the way out?

If for some reason you get as lost as I did my first time around, don’t worry about the taxi drivers being sketchy. The drivers with the blue shirts are certified airport staff and will safety get you where you need to go. Oh, and negotiate with them! They started out trying to get me to spend 400,000 rupiahs but I already knew that was terrible rip off. I was able to get them to go down to 300,000 rupiahs. This was after telling them a couple times that I wasn’t leaving Bali airport for 400,000 rupiahs. Stand your ground! Save yourself some money!


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