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Sale: $15 Flights!

Frontier is currently having a sale for $15 one-way flights! Typically their sale is $20 flights so this is an even better deal! They aren’t stopping there though. On top of giving out crazy low priced flights, they are also entering you in a chance to win a year of free flights if you fly with them during the month of June. Most of these deals listed below are in June… so its a win-win situation!


I’m not sure how long this sale with last, so get them while you can!


$15 Flights Available:

Albuquerque to Austin: $15 one-way.

Atlanta to Long Island/Islip : $15 one-way.

Atlanta to Providence: $15 one-way.

Atlanta to San Antonio: $15 one-way.

Austin to Omaha: $15 one-way.

Austin to Indianapolis: $15 one-way.

Austin to Raleigh/Durham: $15 one-way.

Austin to New Orleans: $15 one-way.

Austin to Charleston: $15 one-way.

Austin to Albuquerque: $15 one-way.

Birmingham to Philadelphia: $15 one-way.

Charleston to Trenton: $15 one-way.

Charleston to Austin: $15 one-way.

Charleston to Philadelphia: $15 one-way.

Charlotte to Providence: $15 one-way.

Chicago to Long Island/Islip: $15 one-way.

Cincinnati to Philadelphia: $15 one-way.

Cincinnati to Raleigh/Durham: $15 one-way.

Colorado Springs to San Antonio: $15 one-way.

Detroit to Long Island/Islip: $15 one-way.

Detroit to Trenton: $15 one-way.

Grand Rapids to Philadelphia: $15 one-way.

Indianapolis to Philadelphia: $15 one-way.

Indianapolis to Austin: $15 one-way.

Long Island/Islip to Atlanta: $15 one-way.

Long Island/Islip to Detroit: $15 one-way.

Long Island/Islip to Chicago: $15 one-way.

Long Island/Islip to Myrtle Beach: $15 one-way.

Long Island/Islip to Orlando: $15 one-way.

Long Island/Islip to Minneapolis: $15 one-way.

Madison to Philadelphia: $15 one-way.

Milwaukee to Raleigh/Durham: $15 one-way.

Minneapolis to Long Island/Islip: $15 one-way.

Myrtle Beach to Trenton: $15 one-way.

Myrtle Beach to Long Island/Islip: $15 one-way.

Myrtle Beach to Providence: $15 one-way.

Nashville to Trenton: $15 one-way.

New Orleans to Austin: $15 one-way.

New Orleans to Raleigh/Durham: $15 one-way.

Omaha to Austin: $15 one-way.

Orlando to Long Island/Islip: $15 one-way.

Philadelphia to Grand Rapids: $15 one-way.

Philadelphia to Indianapolis: $15 one-way.

Philadelphia to Charleston: $15 one-way.

Philadelphia to Madison: $15 one-way.

Philadelphia to Savannah: $15 one-way.

Philadelphia to Cincinnati: $15 one-way.

Philadelphia to Birmingham: $15 one-way.

Phoenix to San Antonio: $15-one way.

Providence to Raleigh/Durham: $15 one-way.

Providence to Charlotte: $15 one-way.

Providence to Atlanta: $15 one-way.

Providence to Myrtle Beach: $15 one-way.

Raleigh/Durham to Milwaukee: $15 one-way.

Raleigh/Durham to Providence: $15 one-way.

Raleigh/Durham to New Orleans: $15 one-way.

Raleigh/Durham to Austin: $15 one-way.

Raleigh/Durham to Cincinnati: $15 one-way.

San Antonio to Phoenix: $15 one-way.

San Antonio to Atlanta: $15 one-way.

San Antonio to Colorado Springs: $15 one-way.

Savannah to Philadelphia: $15 one-way.

Trenton to Nashville: $15 one-way.

Trenton to Myrtle Beach: $15 one-way.

Trenton to Detroit: $15 one-way.

Trenton to Charleston: $15 one-way.


There are also flights a little more expensive (yet still cheap) on their website. Check out all the deals here.


I didn’t do specific dates due to there being a ton of different destinations! Compare prices on flights with Skyscanner to see if there are other dates that work for you!


Remember: These prices don’t include baggage fees. Be sure to click here to check baggage prices to be sure you aren’t going to pay more than planned!


Also Remember: These deals are active at the time of posting. If you are reading at a later time, these deals could be over! If they aren’t over, be sure to book as soon as you can because we never know when these deals might end.



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