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Black Friday: 99% Off Frontier Flights

Frontier is known for having crazy cheap flights so it’s not surprising that they’re doing a crazy deal for Black Friday. They are selling their flights at 99% off! This is only on the base fare and not taxes. Therefore, you’ll find most flights being around $20 each.


Use code Save99 to get this deal!


This is not available on every flight. This deal is specifically for non-stop domestic flights. There is a list of non-stop domestic flights that are also restricted when it comes to this sale.


Check Skyscanner here to see the latest update on all Frontier Black Friday sales. This includes the restricted flights, all codes that Frontier has to offer within the next week and how to book your flights!


Remember: These flights are available at the time of posting. If you are reading this at a later date, there is a chance that the deal has expired. Be sure to grab them while you can!


Also Remember: This does not include baggage fees. Be sure to check here to make sure you are not paying more than planned on your luggage.

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