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About Me

My name is Kayla Burk and the most sarcastic wanderlust-er you’ll ever meet.

A few years ago I was an extreme couponer. I would get food for free, clothes for free, household items for free, etc. But one day I decided to step up the game and thought “what if I could travel the world for free?”

So I started researching.

And turns out, it’s totally possible. It’s not ALWAYS free, but it can be pretty darn cheap.

Once I found this out I started looking up plane deals on the daily. Next thing I know I’m booking trips monthly. There were multiple times I would fly roundtrip for only $40 and people thought I was some type of genie. I’m no genie though – just a girl that loves a good deal and some travel!

That’s where this blog comes in – I’m here to show YOU (yes you) how you can get good deals too along with showing you ideas of amazing places you can add to your bucket list.


Where I’ve Been:

November 2017: Orlando, Florida

December-January 2017: New York City, New York

January 2017: Phoenix, Arizona

May 2017: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

May 2017: Miami, Florida

August 2017: Chicago, Illinois

August 2017: St. Louis, Missouri 

September 2017: Beijing, China

September 2017: San Fransisco, California

October 2017: Waco, Texas

October 2017: Denver, Colorado

November 2017: Dripping Springs, Texas

November 2017: Marfa, Texas

November 2017: Big Bend National Park

December 2017: Houston, Texas

January 2018: Austin, Texas

February 2018: New Orleans, Louisiana

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