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the Oasis Austin Texas Restaurant Lake Travis

The Oasis Restaurant on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas

The Oasis Restaurant on Lake Travis If you think central Texas just consists of buildings upon buildings in Austin and Dallas, you are wrong. There’s a beautiful lake, Lake Travis, that is nothing but views all around. It’s a place many families go for vacationing because it’s worth the trip. Lake Travis is even worthy enough where they built a...

Blanton Museum of Art in Austin Texas

Visiting Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas

Blanton Museum of Art Are you on a budget while in Austin? Art Museums are always a perfect go-to activity when you’re low on cash while traveling. Luckily, Austin, Texas has a great art museum: Blanton Museum of Art. This museum offers European painting, contemporary American art, contemporary Latin American art and the famous “Austin” building by...

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