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Wow Air Travel Deals

50% Off All WOW Air Flights!!

  HOT DEAL!!! WOW airlines is currently having a deal for 50% all their flights!   This can allow you to go to famous cities in Europe such as Paris, Dublin, Barcelona and more for as low as $230 ROUNDTRIP from multiple airports around the US!   Note: This deal doesn’t work for the $99 flights to Iceland.   Use code “WOWXMAS” when searching for...

Copenhagen Deal

London to Copenhagen for £16 (or $21) ROUNDTRIP!

    RyanAir is known to be one of the lowest priced airlines in Europe, and they aren’t giving up that reputation just yet. Right now, you can fly from London to Copenhagen for only £16 (or $21) ROUNDTRIP!   Flights Examples: London to Copenhagen: January 11-13 for £16 (or $21) roundtrip with RyanAir. London to Copenhagen: January 11-17 for £16...

Iceland Travel Deal

Fly to Iceland for Only $200 ROUNDTRIP from Multiple Airports!

    I’ve posted about cheap flights to Iceland but now they are even cheaper and available at more airports! Right now, WOW air is selling tickets from 7 different airports to Reykjavik for only $200-$260 ROUNDTRIP!     Flights out of Boston: Boston to Reykjavik: January 19-26 for $200 roundtrip through WOW Airlines. Boston to Reykjavik:...

Travel Deal

US Flights Under $100 ROUNDTRIP From Over 20 Airports!

    I try my best to always find deals around the US below $100 roundtrip because to me, that’s the best price. I hardly ever pay more than $100 for a trip unless it’s coast to coast (in that case, never over $200).   So today, I decided to round up all the flights I could find under $100 from some of the major airports around the United...

travel deal

15% Off All Jetblue Flights!

  Jetblue is saying we all need a “Recess” (I agree). Therefore, they’re giving us a code for 15% off all Jetblue flights!   To get the 15% off, use the code “RECESS” when checking out!   This code ends at the end of the day. So be sure to book before midnight!   This code DOES has some restrictions. Such as the...

Travel Deal

Southwest Tickets As Low As $40. Three Days Only!

    Southwest is one of my favorite airlines for two reasons: Their customer support and their free two check bags rule.   Being able to have two free things of checked luggage makes their deals worth even more. Which means you should be pretty excited that they’re currently having a deal for one-way tickets as low as $40!   This deal only...

Lima Peru Deal

Boston to Lima, Peru for only $389 ROUNDTRIP!

    Flights to Lima, Peru are crazy cheap out of Boston right now thanks to LATAM airlines! Peru is a gorgeous country and Lima is not too far from the famous Machu Picchu and the Rainbow mountains. You can take a cheap flight to Lima and then catch a tour bus or another flight to the surrounding cities to visit these amazing attractions!   These...

Travel Sale

Flash Fare! JetBlue Tickets Starting at $15

  JetBlue is having a flash sale! This sale includes tickets starting at only $15 one-way!   JetBlue flash sales usually only last a day, so be sure to grab it while you can!   The deal includes the following routes: Washington D.C. to Boston for $15 one-way through JetBlue. Boston to New York for $20 one-way through JetBlue. Long Beach to Las Vegas...

Santorini Travel Deal

New York to Santorini Greece for $456 ROUNDTRIP!

    Getting to Greece from The United States is typically over $1100 no matter what airport you go out of. That’s why this deal is something you shouldn’t look over! There are currently tickets from New York to Santorini starting at only $456 roundtrip! These deals are during the month of September and October 2018.   Santorini is on my top...

Washington to Las Vegas Travel Deal

Flights From Washington D.C. to Las Vegas for $39 ROUNDTRIP!

    Frontier is currently having a deal where you can fly from Washington D.C. to Las Vegas for only $39 ROUNDTRIP! This is a fantastic deal and will probably only last a day or two.   This deal is only good around the beginning of December. This is great trip idea for those of you who have to use some vacation before the end of the year due to it...

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