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Garden of the Gods Southern Illinois Herod Shawnee National Forest Hiking Budget Travel

Garden of the Gods in Southern Illinois | Hiking

Garden of the Gods in Southern Illinois I’m extra excited to share Garden of the Gods with everyone. Not only am I excited because it’s a beautiful view but because this is a place that I’ve grown up by all my life! It’s located in Southern Illinois, just an hour away from where I’ve always called home. This is a place I’ve spent...

Santa Elena Canyon Big Bend

Today Only: Free Entrance to State and National Parks

    Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!   In honor of this wonderful holiday, many state and national parks will have FREE entrances all day long! Typically, there are many days throughout the year where they allow free access, but we can’t say the same thing this year. During 2018, there will only be four days where you can enter state/national...

How to Get Free Flights From Shopping Online

      I no longer go to the store to shop for anything other than food. I prefer to get my makeup online, my clothes online and I even prefer to get my toilet paper online. But why? The reason I’m always shopping online is because I can get FREE flights on almost any major airline when I shop online or I can even get a free check in the mail from...

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