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Big Bend National Park Texas Travel Hiking

Big Bend National Park Guide | Hiking | Texas

Big Bend National Park Guide If you’re looking for somewhere in Texas to go hiking, Big Bend National Park is a great choice. Especially if you’re looking for somewhere more warm during the winter months. Where is Big Bend National Park? In the middle of nowhere. Or at least, that’s what it feels like. Big Bend National Park is in south west Texas...

the Oasis Austin Texas Restaurant Lake Travis

The Oasis Restaurant on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas

The Oasis Restaurant on Lake Travis If you think central Texas just consists of buildings upon buildings in Austin and Dallas, you are wrong. There’s a beautiful lake, Lake Travis, that is nothing but views all around. It’s a place many families go for vacationing because it’s worth the trip. Lake Travis is even worthy enough where they built a...

Blanton Museum of Art in Austin Texas

Visiting Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas

Blanton Museum of Art Are you on a budget while in Austin? Art Museums are always a perfect go-to activity when you’re low on cash while traveling. Luckily, Austin, Texas has a great art museum: Blanton Museum of Art. This museum offers European painting, contemporary American art, contemporary Latin American art and the famous “Austin” building by...

Visiting Marfa Texas Roadtrip Buy the Plane Ticket

Visiting Marfa, Texas: How I Spent A Day There

  I decided for Thanksgiving weekend to go check out The Big Bend National Park. I waited until last minute to go, so the accommodation was packed. The cheapest place to stay was about $200 a night and I wasn’t trying to spend that much, so I decided to do what any crazy person would do: Find somewhere safe and sleep in my car.   I did some research...

Iceland Travel Deal

Flights From Texas and Florida to Iceland for $224 ROUNDTRIP!

    Delta is having a deal to Iceland right now for only $224 from airports in both Texas and Florida including Austin, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale and Miami!   Here are some flight examples: Austin to Reykjavik: February 9-18 for $224 roundtrip through Delta! Fort Lauderdale to Reykjavik: January 25-28 for $229 roundtrip through Delta! Miami to Reykjavik:...

Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs, TX

    When moving to Texas I had a travel to-do list before even packing my bags (I have Pinterest to thank for that) and the Hamilton Pool was on the top of that list.   I was a little iffy about it at first because I knew it was a HUGE tourist attraction, so I was afraid the beauty of it would be swallowed by the amount of people that came to visit...

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